What's with all the Magic?


Check out a gem from the archives,

#68, Magic Cards!


A Post!?


That's right! Still working on filling the gap between the oldest and the newest comics. Check out #66, Rap! Pretty sure it's totally relatable and fun for the whole family.


Back to School Lull


School's back in under a week so there will probably be fewer updates to the site. Sorry to disappoint :/ I know this is the highlight of your day.




In order to cater to our Pinterest loving guests, I've began restructuring the site to include "Pin-able" pages in the standard web-comic format. It's kind of an excrutiating process though, so it will take a while to fill the gap. Stay tuned!




There are quite a few comics which are totally illegible. I'm currently working to fix this. For instance:

These comics will be replacing the originals in the archives.


A New Frontier Is Breached

10.26.11 Greetings readers! New comic up today and fantastic news...it's my first naked person comic :D enjoy!

More are Still to Come

10.18.11 Hey everyone, it's Billy/Bill/Totally awesome friend of Alex. We are still getting the hang of this site and are making comics when we get the chance. Just letting you know more are on their way and to keep enjoying the posts :D


Today's comic post #182 is titled Jim


10.6.11 Welcome to the premier of Rock Candy. A webcomic, coauthored by Alex Salmon and Billy Talbot, for that last taste of joy before the torment of the real world must be endured. Enjoy.